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Mediation and advocacy to resolve disputes in the education sector


Mediation and advocacy experience

Education Mediation Ireland offers mediation, advocacy and facilitation throughout the education sector. Since 2007, when she was invited to become a member of University College Cork’s small panel of organisational mediators, Dr Joan Hanafin has trained and practised as a mediator and was accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland.

In 2008 and 2009, through training and practice at the Family Mediation Services, Dublin where she specialised in working  with separating couples, she advanced to Practitioner Mediator level.

Alongside her work as a Mediator, Joan is also an experienced Advocate and Mentor.

Joan’s specialist mediation training, her experience and expertise throughout the education system (as teacher, lecturer, researcher, manager, evaluator, examiner, parent), her long-standing commitment to advocacy, and her extensive research and interviewing in the education sector combine to give her a deep understanding of how best to help people resolve disputes in education.

Aware of the havoc and distress caused by unresolved conflict, Joan is committed to helping people find dignified, respectful, successful ways of studying, working and interacting in the education sector.

For a professional mediator who understands the education system and who has a strong commitment to peaceful dispute resolution, contact Joan.

Education experience

Joan has worked throughout the Irish education system, as a senior university lecturer, school teacher, examiner, evaluator, and professional researcher. She has lectured, facilitated and researched at several Irish universities: the University of Limerick, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, and University College Cork where she was promoted to Senior Lecturer.

An experienced academic and author of many articles, books and reports, Joan has also lectured, researched or collaborated at universities in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the UK, Australia, Africa, and North America.