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Mediation and advocacy to resolve disputes in the education sector


If you need an experienced facilitator in any of the following areas:

Communication and listening

Learn to listen with specialist courses for parents, families, and professionals. For further information, please contact me.

For books and programmes about understanding, and helping with, children's fears and anxieties, please visit or and

Seminars in education and social sciences 

If you need someone experienced to facilitate meetings, seminars or tutorials, please contact me.

Research in sociology and education – advice, support and sounding board

If you would benefit from talking to an independent experienced academic and published author about any aspect of your research, but particularly about qualitative research using action research, focus groups, or in-depth interviewing, please contact me.

See Writing, Research Collaborations and Courses Taught for further detail on Research Interests

Education – advice and guidance

If you would benefit from talking to an independent experienced academic, teacher and curriculum developer about any aspect of education, assessment and evaluation but particularly about curriculum development and evaluation in sociology and education in higher education, please contact me.

See Courses Taught for further detail on Curriculum Development

Staff development and training – advice and guidance

If you need an independent experienced academic and who has delivered, evaluated and researched professional development to facilitate any aspect of professional development and training, please contact me.